Business storytelling has become a coveted persuasive skill for every leader. Being able to teach these skills makes you indispensable in your workplace. Become a certified story facilitator by learning from Leadership Story Lab, a firm that has been at the forefront of business storytelling since 2010.

Once you are certified, you will be able to facilitate storytelling on your own and help your clients and teams tell better stories! You will become the trusted person your network turns to when they want an expert in authentic communication.

Enroll today to:

  • Access tools and frameworks for mining, refining and telling stories.
  • Equip yourself with leadership storytelling facilitation best practices you can immediately apply in your context.
  • Receive customized individual coaching from Chief Story Facilitator Esther Choy, who founded Leadership Story Lab in 2010.
  • Hone your facilitation skills in comfortable, inspiring small group settings.
  • Next training starts Fall 2021
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Learn more about the program:

Become a certified story facilitator today!

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Luawanna Hallstrom

“Regardless of whether it’s my story or my client’s story, the IRS model of intriguing beginning, riveting middle, and surprise ending has become a mantra for me. I just got a call from a large contractor who needed help to win a very critical vote. They needed to tell a story that voters could identify with. I’m living all of these things that I’ve learned through the story facilitators’ certification process, and I believe that together we can change the world, one story at a time.”

-Luawanna Hallstrom, Principal, Collaborative Communications

Leadership Story Lab’s story facilitator certification training gives you the tools and processes to mine ideas, refine stories and tell them with purpose. Learn how to support others who are using these tools for the first time.

You will not only master the storytelling process for yourself but also experience the way Leadership Story Lab’s experts facilitate storytelling. You’ll have the chance to craft and share stories during the training, thus understanding the process first-hand before you teach it.

Once you meet the requirements, you’ll receive a Story Facilitator Certification and will be ready to facilitate on your own!

Each certification level includes:

  • Four 2-hour virtual small group coaching sessions that meet once a week over the course of a month.
  • Two 45-minute virtual individual coaching sessions with Esther Choy, Chief Story Facilitator.
  • Prep work before and in-between each session and a final facilitation project.
  • Upon successful completion, training includes a content licensing fee as well as title of Leadership Story Lab Certified Story Facilitator.

Annual Membership includes:

  • Monthly sessions to continue learning, structured content, and many other perks.
  • Access to the supportive Leadership Story Lab Story Facilitator Community.

Start your Story Facilitator Certification today!

Meet Our Story Facilitators

Certified Story Facilitator

Our supportive community of story facilitators has seen the power of story and are now inspired to help others tell theirs. Congratulations to the recent graduates of Leadership Story Lab's Level 1: Master of Story Construction Certification and Level 2: Master of Story Discovery.

Karma Auden

Karma Auden

Director of Finance,
and Financial Storyteller
Level 1 Story Facilitator
Donna Bauman

Donna Bauman

Senior MBA Admissions Counselor,
Stratus Admissions Counseling
Level 3 Story Facilitator
Gina Fong

Gina Fong

Consumer Anthropologist,
Fong Insight
Level 1 Story Facilitator
Luawanna Hallstrom

Luawanna Hallstrom

Collaborative Communications
Level 2 Story Facilitator
Leigh Janis

Leigh Janis

Director of Sales & Brand Strategy,
Production Solutions
Level 1 Story Facilitator
Reena Kansal

Reena Kansal

Chief Operating Officer and Story Facilitator, Leadership Story Lab
Level 2 Story Facilitator
Michelle Lopez

Michelle Lopez

President & Founder,
Next Gen Latinos, LLC
Level 2 Story Facilitator
Rissa Reddan

Rissa Reddan

SVP of Marketing for the Commercial Business, Equifax
Level 1 Story Facilitator

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