A DIY Writing Retreat


Why Write Stories On Vacation?

Finally, some free time! At long last, you’re on vacation, smelling tropical flowers at a beachside retreat, or maybe sipping from a warm mug of cocoa in a woodland cabin. Wherever your long-awaited vacation takes you, storytelling can take it to the next level by helping you to capture memories and find all the connections that make you who you are.

Having a staycation or even just a personal retreat in the evenings after dusting off your workday? You can still do these fun exercises to grow your communication skills. Make a more meaningful experience of your free time with three days of thoughtful storytelling challenges.

Here’s How It Works:

Sign up for free with the form below! You’ll receive one email per day for three days, each with a unique writing exercise to help you flex your creative muscles and explore the shifts in perspective that come from being in a new place. Upon completing our three challenges, you’ll reap sharper and more dynamic communication skills—as well as a more memorable vacation!

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