Esther Choy, Storytelling Coach

You’ve already done the work of achieving sparkling credentials, but you know you should be advancing further in your career. Finding your authentic voice and your own powerful persuasion style makes it happen. We’ve watched this transformation again and again. After our leadership storytelling coaching, leaders have earned promotions, switched careers and told riveting stories about their companies. Leading and motivating their teams has become second nature.

They’ve climbed to the top— by telling better stories. And so can you.

"Working with Esther one-on-one in a storytelling coaching program as I prepared for an important customer presentation was a pleasure and a very smart decision. Her insights, feedback and ideas were instrumental in the success of my message’s craft and delivery. She helped me take a good presentation and turn it into the best presentation I have delivered in my 15+ year career. In addition, the tools I learned are helping me every day on various presentations and projects. I recommend Esther 100% and cannot wait to work with her again."

- Daniela Garza-Sokolowski, Director of Marketing, InnovaFlavors

We provide customized leadership storytelling coaching that focuses on your goals. You bring in a live case to work on--whether you’re working on an upcoming conference speech or wanting to tell the story of a career transition or a new business.

We can coach you on topics such as:

  • Key Elements of Storytelling
  • Strategic Storytelling
  • Tell Me About Yourself
  • Leaders as Facilitators

What's Included:

Customized Leadership Storytelling Coaching
Personalized individual coaching program scheduled in 2-hour sessions. Coaching can be done virtually or in our Chicago office.

Storytelling for Professional Impact
An online course that shares bite-size storytelling exercises for 21 days.

Leadership Storytelling Practice Guide
A workbook filled with story templates and frameworks to guide story creation.

Discover your authentic voice and persuasive style.

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