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Congratulations to Yeo Chuen Chuen, Managing Director, ACESENCE Agile Leadership, and a level 2 Certified Story Facilitator! Her book, Leaders People Love, has won the Silver Medal at the 2024 Axiom Business Book Awards in the Company Culture Category.

She credits Esther with helping her write efficient and compelling stories, saying, “I could only hope to be understood because writing was never a natural flair. As a computer engineer, I code better than I write. As a math teacher, I solve mathematical sums quicker than I can string a coherent sentence together. But the art of communication is not only a powerful skill but the life-giving force to any business and leadership consultancy.”

Tell the right story for any business situation. We’ll give you the tools.

Leadership Story Lab’s business storytelling coaching, consulting and training give you the tools to tell endless brief and brilliant stories. These tools set you apart as an authentically persuasive leader.

With leadership storytelling, you can stand out in the interview process, add punch to presentations, make compelling cases for new initiatives and build your team. We can help with online business storytelling coaching, training and remote consulting.

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Business Storytelling Insights

Get informed and empowered about the fundamentals of corporate storytelling. Engage your audience, make a case for change, connect with people everywhere, clarify complex information and craft a culture of storytelling at your organization.

3 Keys To Dismantling Stereotypes With Storytelling

3 Keys To Dismantling Stereotypes With Storytelling

Stereotypes are tied to deeply entrenched narratives that fail to capture a more complex truth. These oversimplified ideas are reinforced by one-sided stories. Case in point: The stereotypes that women are bad with money and that girls are bad at math perpetuates itself with a male-dominated investment industry. Today, 98.6% of all asset management firms…

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Business storytelling has become a coveted persuasive skill for every leader. Being able to teach these skills makes you indispensable in your workplace. Become a certified story facilitator by learning from Leadership Story Lab, a firm that has been at the forefront of business storytelling since 2010.

“Esther’s genius is her ability to shed light on the critical element that each story needs in order to have the intended impact on the audience.”

-Colleen Kelly, Executive Director, Women’s Health Foundation

Better Every Story

"This is an amazing and insightful post! I hadn’t thought of that so you broadened my perspective. I always appreciate your insight!" - Dan B.

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People forget facts, but they never forget a good story. In her book, Esther Choy shares business storytelling methods, examples and practical tools and templates. It’s your essential leadership storytelling toolkit.

Let the story do the work

People forget facts, but they never forget a good story. In her book, Esther Choy shares business storytelling methods, examples and practical tools and templates. It’s your essential leadership storytelling toolkit.


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Featured in 2022

Understanding the Stories of First Generation Wealth Creators

Our research report explores the misunderstood stories of first-generation wealth creators, with an eye toward helping fundraising executives strengthen their partnerships with this major subset of donors who are equipped to make transformative gifts. Our report, “Transforming Partnerships with Major Donors” was featured in the Wealth Matters column in the New York Times.

Season Three

Introducing Season 3 of Esther's Podcast: Family IN Business

What does entrepreneurship look like in a family business? Season 3 of Esther's podcast with Kellogg's Ward Center for Family Enterprises investigates this question. Our guests and experts share stories and insight of failure, triumph, and new ventures to inspire us.

Esther Teaching

Storytelling for Professional Impact:
Insights, Introductions, and Inspiration for Leaders

Storytelling is for everyone—not just for creatives or superheroes— and you can learn it by spending only ten minutes a day!  Each section of the three-part, online course will last for only a week, with time in-between to practice on your own.

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Meet the Team Devoted to helping you leverage the art of persuasive storytelling.

Our team cares deeply about seeing your stories connect with your audience. Our rich backgrounds in storytelling, business and higher education equip us to take your stories to the next level.