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In our remote business storytelling consulting, we partner with businesses and nonprofits that want to infuse their organization’s culture with storytelling. We’ve helped companies tell the right story to intrigue new talent during recruiting, make sales pitches more narrative-based, convey M&A due diligence and capture the stories of a family business.

Curiosity is at the center of our corporate storytelling consulting at Leadership Story Lab. We teach you to intrigue and delight audiences with stories about your products, services or causes.

Remote business storytelling consulting sessions are fully customizable and can include large group trainings, small group brainstorming and storyboarding, or even one-on-one interviews with individuals--all geared toward uncovering central storylines. We partner with you to achieve your goals.

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“Without Esther and her storyboarding process we would have never won this important account in the world’s most challenging and rewarding market.”

-Trevor Cook, Managing Director, AMP Capital

Case Study: Attracting Clients with Story

Client: Brookfield

Audience: Portfolio managers, senior marketing team and analysts

Goals: Brookfield Investment Management was trying to raise assets under management.

Result: They were able to revise one of their pitch books so that they now intrigue and delight their prospective investors, rather than dump data on them.  With the new narrative-based pitch book, one of Brookfield public securities groups was able to quadruple the amount of assets under management.

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