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Receive a training agenda that is customized just for you.

Persuasive storytelling is not a mysterious, inborn gift. It's a highly trainable skill that you can master through our business storytelling training.

Storytelling is your most valuable asset as a leader because it affirms and enhances your influence. That’s true whether you are launching a new fundraising campaign, explaining complex concepts to a general audience, motivating your team, or cultivating more authentic business connections.

Our highly interactive business storytelling workshops teach practical skills that help leaders craft memorable stories and cultivate a culture of storytelling within the organization

Learn how Leadership Story Lab’s business storytelling training can benefit your team.

“Our large marketing team refined our storytelling capabilities to deliver technical information to nontechnical audiences. The training also served as a phenomenal team builder. We will use Leadership Story Lab’s resources to keep this time of learning and reflection alive throughout our daily work.”

- Ali Barnes, Multichannel Engagement Manager, Eli Lilly and Company

Learn Business Storytelling If You Want To...

Learn how your team can cultivate the power of storytelling.

Use Storytelling In The Workplace Every Day

The Best Ways To Use Storytelling In The Workplace Every Day

Our workshop participants work hard to master key storytelling techniques they can use in their workplace. Once they have this tool in their leadership kit, they often ask me how they can make the most of every opportunity to tell stories. After all, once you’ve invested in learning a skill, it only makes sense to…

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What Is A Leadership Story Lab Workshop Like?

Our interactive training and workshops are customized to meet your goals. Participants learn new storytelling tools that they apply directly to live cases or applicable scenarios.

Time commitment: Customizable. Training programs range from 90 minutes to half-day, or full-day to multi-day, and can accommodate a variety of audience sizes.

Key topics:

Strategic Storytelling for Leadership Success

Understand and apply persuasive storytelling tools and frameworks to tell concise and compelling stories.

Spontaneous Storytelling

Become confident and comfortable in speaking without preparation. Through exercises, drills and frameworks, weave together logical and compelling narratives spontaneously.

Connecting with Everyone Everywhere 

Our desire to connect with others is universal. Learn how to create an authentic connection that ultimately evokes emotion and spurs others to action.

Making the Case for Change

When you need to make the case for change before a tough audience, you could launch into arguments, mountains of data, and proof. You could even pull out your most moving stories. That's what most people do, and it can still fail to convince a reluctant audience. We’ll teach you what to do instead. With the right methods, you will be able to persuade and mobilize your audience.

Turning the Complex Clear 

Simplifying complex ideas is essential in communication, but it is a difficult skill to master. Compare the unfamiliar to the familiar as a way to translate, relate, and connect to a variety of audiences.

Asking Power Questions: The Secret to Leadership Communication

Storytelling is a valuable asset for a leader, and a skill that everyone can learn and use to be more influential. This workshop/keynote will focus on an underutilized aspect of leadership communication: how to ask “power questions.” Asking the right questions will help you to connect with your clients and colleagues, and with audiences of all sizes, in a meaningful way.

Plus, every workshop participant will receive structured follow up exercises to turn new skills into habits:

2 Story Lab Sessions

Small group training sessions.

Leadership Storytelling Practice Guide

A workbook filled with story templates and frameworks to guide story creation.

Storytelling for Professional Impact

An online course that shares bite-size storytelling exercises to turn the new skill into a habit.

Case Study: Building Relationships

Client: ZS Associates

Audience: Principals & Associate Principals

Goals: Build meaningful relationships with new clients, colleagues, and partners.

Result: By embracing the fundamental elements of storytelling and capitalizing on social influence, participants were able to craft brief and brilliant self-introductions that make memorable connections in professional settings.

Keynote 1

“One of the benefits of moving from a presentation-style to a story-telling style is that we’ve had much better conversations, much more feedback from everyone in the room, and greater learning for our project team.”

- Claudia Gamboa, Sr. Program Manager, Ziploc, Global RD&E, SC Johnson

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