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Persuasive storytelling is not a mysterious inborn gift. It's a highly trainable skill that you can master through our business storytelling training.

Storytelling is your most valuable asset as a leader because it affirms and enhances your influence. That’s true whether you are launching a new fundraising campaign, explaining complex concepts to a general audience, motivating your team or cultivating more authentic business connections.

Our highly interactive business storytelling workshops teach tangible skills that help leaders craft memorable stories.

Learn how Leadership Story Lab’s business storytelling training can benefit your team.

Receive a training agenda that is customized just for you.

“Our large marketing team refined our storytelling capabilities to deliver technical information to nontechnical audiences. The training also served as a phenomenal team builder. We will use Leadership Story Lab’s resources to keep this time of learning and reflection alive throughout our daily work.”

- Ali Barnes, Multichannel Engagement Manager, Eli Lilly and Company

Learn Business Storytelling If You Want To...

Communicate Efficiently

Liz Gordon, Senior Director of Analytic Services at Barton Cotton, faced a difficult task. At a Leadership Story Lab Training, she and her group had to distill 65 slides down to just 30 words. 

Everyone on her team struggled with the activity. 

That was part of the point, in fact. Every day in the workplace, most of us find ourselves awash in a sea of information. We then have to deliver this information to audiences that--quite frankly--don’t have a whole lot of capacity for holding all of the information we’d like to pour on them. We have to find ways to get our point across clearly and quickly.

That’s what Liz and her team did. Eventually, they found a story that contained all of their main points and was just 30 words long.

Through business storytelling, they learned to restrain the instinct to tell their audience everything they knew. 

Liz realized, “you can just have the information in your back pocket,” ready when your audience asks. The most important task is to intrigue them. Then, if they want the data dump, rest assured they will ask for it!

Make the Sale

How do you convince a healthcare customer that your product can cover everything they need in order to capture and calculate daily Covid screenings for their entire staff? And not only that… to be able to visualize this data for their leadership? And then, in the end, to be able to share meaningful data with government agencies so they can get funding?

Mike Maiorisi, a customer success manager for a collaborative work management company, knew that to accomplish this, he would have to thoroughly understand the customer’s pain points. In other words, he would need to apply what he had learned about business storytelling.

Once he understood their pain points, he could share the example of a much larger client who was in a very similar situation. This enabled his customers to envision “a future state in which they had this implemented,” says Maiorisi.

The result? “They trusted us,” he says.

The customer has now been using his product for five months, gathering metrics and generating reports.

“Being able to tell an effective story led to increased collaboration,” says Maiorisi, “and a more effective partnership because they trusted us and we built on a foundation of trust.”

Business storytelling means thoroughly understanding your audience. Leadership Story Lab’s online storytelling workshops give participants tools for telling the right stories to motivate and inspire your target audience.

Help Audiences Retain Information

Do these numbers make any sense to you? 5:48, 6:06, 6:16, and 7:12.

No? Not to worry.

They will make immediate sense once you get to know what happened to Karma Auden, who participated in an online Story Lab workshop with us and is now in our Certified Story Facilitator training program.

Auden, Director of Finance and Business Services at University of Canberra, often tells the story of being awakened at 5:48 a.m. by a hotel fire alarm the morning of an important conference. Over the loudspeaker, the hotel manager instructed everyone to stay put.

At 6:06, she heard a siren… and then nothing.

At 6:16, an announcement instructed everyone to evacuate the building. Auden complied, but on her way downstairs, she met people coming back up! They were following the fire brigade’s instructions, they said.

So, Auden returned to her room and continued getting ready. For almost an hour, she heard nothing—waiting inside the building, as instructed, while the fire was being investigated.

Finally, at 7:12, the hotel manager announced that everything was fine. And it was.

Auden left for the conference. When there were technical difficulties during the first ten minutes of her presentation, she decided to share the story of the fire alarm.

How did it connect with her “Storytelling for Accountants” presentation? Because the audience could remember the numbers she shared. 

The data had meaning.

The thing is, all data has a story behind it. It’s just easy to forget the stories. When we use business storytelling to highlight the meaning behind the data, we make it easier for audiences to process data.

Business storytelling is the art and science of using stories to make data stick. We can help you do this, just as we’ve helped countless others.

Build Connection

Often, says Liz Gordon, we know acquaintances as “the person who told that story.” 

In fact, Gordon told me that eight months after her team attended a training with us, she still remembered the stories her teammates shared. 

Leadership Story Lab workshops provide a forum for teams to share stories about themselves and their work, which means they create space to deepen workplace relationships.

Mastering business storytelling techniques gives you tools to continue building genuine connections with everyone you meet. These connections form the basis for the kind of trust that forms the foundation for collaboration and innovation.

Learn more in Esther’s article, “Use Storytelling to Connect with Everyone.”

Learn how we can help your team reach your goals.

What Is A Leadership Story Lab Workshop Like?

Our interactive trainings and workshops are customized to meet your goals. Participants learn new storytelling tools that they apply directly to live cases or applicable scenarios.

Time commitment: Customizable. Trainings range from 90 minutes to half day or full day to multi-day and can accommodate a variety of audience sizes.

Sample topics include:

  • Key Elements of Storytelling
  • Strategic Storytelling
  • Spontaneous Storytelling
  • Story Lab: an opportunity to apply the newly learned tools to a live case

Plus, every workshop participant will receive structured follow up exercises to turn new skills into habits:

2 Story Lab Sessions

Small group coaching sessions.

Leadership Storytelling Practice Guide

A workbook filled with story templates and frameworks to guide story creation.

Storytelling for Professional Impact

An online course that shares bite-size storytelling exercises for 21 days.

Case Study: Building Relationships

Client: ZS Associates

Audience: Principals & Associate Principals

Goals: Build meaningful relationships with new clients, colleagues and partners.

Result: By embracing the fundamental elements of storytelling and capitalizing on social influence, participants were able to craft brief and brilliant self-introductions that make memorable connections in professional settings.

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