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Keynote speaker Esther Choy’s speeches are business storytelling focused and business storytelling infused. Her practical, inspiring talks blend cutting-edge neuroscience insights with the art of classical storytelling. Listening quickly becomes taking action!

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“Esther Choy’s storytelling workshop was a fantastic way to kick off our law school development conference. As one of the conference’s most highly-rated sessions, attendees expressed feeling inspired and engaged from the beginning.”

-Erin Ruehrwein, Section Director, American Bar Association

Popular keynote topics:

When you need to persuade a tough audience, you could launch into your arguments, points of view, mountains of data and proof, and even your most moving stories. That's what most people do and fail. Learn what to do instead. Esther shares the right steps to persuade your audience into action.

More than ever, people’s expertise tends to be deep and narrow, but our audiences tend to be broad. To a general audience, it feels like our topics get far too complex far too quickly--and these general audiences are composed of the very people we most need to persuade. In a keynote speech customized for your own specific industry,  Esther will show you how to clarify the complex  so you can relate to your audience, enlighten and connect.

Our desire to connect with each other is universal, even with those with whom we have little to nothing in common. Learn how to create an authentic connection that ultimately evokes emotion and creates unexpected allies.

What’s included:

60 minute keynote
Deliberate practice after keynote includes:

Storytelling for Professional Impact 
An online course that shares bite-size storytelling exercises for 21 days.

Leadership Storytelling Practice Guide
A workbook filled with story templates and frameworks to guide story creation.

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