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At the heart of leadership is persuasion. At the heart of persuasion is storytelling.

Leadership storytelling empowers leaders to lead authentically. With their stories, leaders can connect with everyone everywhere, turn the complex clear, and make the case for change.

But most importantly, stories often lead to action. Author Alan Weiss has noted, “Logic makes people think; emotion makes them act.” At the end of the day, we want to prompt people to do something about your message.

In a keynote speech, bestselling author and Leadership Story Lab Founder, President, and Chief Story Facilitator Esther Choy shares her leadership story, frameworks and the secrets to relate, persuade and inspire your audience into action.

“Esther Choy’s storytelling workshop was a fantastic way to kick off our law school development conference. As one of the conference’s most highly-rated sessions, attendees expressed feeling inspired and engaged from the beginning.”

-Erin Ruehrwein, Section Director, American Bar Association

Popular keynote topics:

Making the Case For Change

When persuading a tough audience, we default to logic, data, and proof. While it’s a common approach, it rarely succeeds. Instead, learn how to make the case for change with the right framework and three simple, repeatable, and scalable steps.

Turning the Complex Clear

Highly specialized knowledge is not often easy for a general audience to understand and then apply. Regardless of your industry or subject matter, learn how to illuminate the unfamiliar using the familiar, and grow your audience’s comfort level with once-intimidating or overwhelming concepts.

Connecting with Everyone Everywhere 

When we form a connection with someone, what we say carries more weight. We are more likely to change their mind or behavior. Learn how to build an authentic bond with audiences, evoking emotion and spurring them to action.

Three Keys To Effective Leadership Communication

Good leaders know how to elevate themselves and drive their messages home, but great leaders also elevate their teams through effective communication. This keynote shares how great leaders unlock their own potential and their team’s through business storytelling by balancing the “we” with the “me” with these three keys to effective leadership communication:

Facilitate Stories: Coaching Your Leaders To Build Their Narratives
Cultivate Belonging: Helping Your Team Speak Up, One Level At A Time
Word-Play: Accelerating Your Message Impact With Creativity

Asking Power Questions: The Secret to Leadership Communication

Storytelling is a valuable asset for a leader, and a skill that everyone can learn and use to be more influential. This workshop/keynote will focus on an underutilized aspect of leadership communication: how to ask “power questions.” Asking the right questions will help you to connect with your clients and colleagues, and with audiences of all sizes, in a meaningful way.

Use Leadership Storytelling To Connect With Everyone

Use Leadership Storytelling To Connect With Everyone

When Hubert Joly took the helm at Best Buy from 2012 to mid-2019, one of his first moves was to get managers to connect with their employees. Specifically, he wanted managers to understand their employees’ dreams and then connect those dreams to Best Buy’s vision. To have employees share so deeply, relationships must be built….

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What’s included:

60 minute keynote

Deliberate practice after keynote includes:

Storytelling for Professional Impact 
An online course that shares bite-size storytelling exercises.

Leadership Storytelling Practice Guide
A workbook filled with story templates and frameworks to guide story creation.

Engage and inspire audiences at your next event.

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