Free Week of Story Prompts and Tools

Esther Choy leads her workshop, "What Stories Are You Telling at Reunion," in the Global Hub's White Auditorium on Friday, May 5, 2017 in Evanston, IL during Kellogg's Reunion Weekend 2017. Photo by Eddie Quinones.

Why Take a Week for Stories?

Many of us might’ve started our time of social isolation thinking of all the free time we would have. But for many of us, it has proved even more difficult than usual to carve out time or find the necessary peace of mind.

But let’s not let this time drift by without tapping into the power of stories. Stories connect us and give us strength. Even if we are busy, even if we are distracted, we can carve out one week and devote 20 minutes a day to brainstorming and refining stories.

Here’s How It Works:

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You don’t have to be a superhero to tell great stories. And you don’t have to be a natural-born “creative type,” either. You just need the right tools and practice. This online course provides an opportunity to learn and practice with exercises that help you mine, refine and tell your story.

Every day, you will receive an email with storytelling exercises from Leadership Story Lab. The first five days will have storytelling prompts, and the last two will give you a chance to refine a story and prepare to share it.