Professionals who can tell a story are repeatedly the ones who ace their job interviews, keep their teams motivated and attract new clients.

STORYTELLING FOR PROFESSIONAL IMPACT is now available as an online course where Esther Choy will personally teach you how to:

  • Make networking work for you
  • Be a persuasive speaker
  • Make presentations powerful, persuasive— and even fun
  • Establish credibility with coworkers and clients
  • Lead during difficult situation

Storytelling is for everyone—not just for creatives or superheroes— and you can learn it by spending only ten minutes daily for 21 Days! All lessons are delivered to your inbox each morning. Sign up via the registration link HERE.

In these bite-sized, ten-minute lessons, you will receive powerful tips, simple yet effective exercises and thought provoking quotes from celebrated storytellers!

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What participants are saying:

"Thank you for 21 wonderful ‘episodes’; had the 2nd Anniversary of my 40th birthday in June.... hope I live long enough to use all the great tips." - Mary Ann McDermott

"I greatly enjoyed reading the example one sentence career feedback. The matrix was neat too! It inspired me to come to with these possibilities. As a teacher, I bring novel ideas to extraordinary students." - Andrew Wellisch

"Great piece! This is my favorite of the series. Thanks so much for doing these reminders of how we can use stories." - Rhonda Lunemann

"Thank you for providing such great tools and insights on how to tell a story. Your postings has inspired me to write an article of LinkedIn." - Ashish Arora

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