Timing Is Everything

What’s the right time to work with Esther and the Leadership Story Lab team?


Company Off-site

​No more choosing between work vs. learning vs. fun.


When you have urgent priorities your team needs to tackle, learning can fall by the wayside, and so can the lasting change that comes with it. What else suffers? That energizing sense of fun that helps your team bond so they can innovate together.


This year, let Leadership Story Lab facilitate customized off-site programs that allow you to integrate work, learning and fun for your team. Contact us for a team building agenda today!



Client Events

What else can you do besides eat and drink?


When you know that entertaining clients is the lifeblood of a business relationship, it’s frustrating when that costly entertainment yields only superficial chitchat. We can get you beyond that. We can help you have fun, bond with your clients, and learn fascinating things about what’s at the core of each other’s organizations.


Immersive, insightful, indelible. Infuse these qualities into your next clients’ event by collaborating with us.


Post M&A

The economics were so obvious. Why isn’t the cultural cohesion working too?


When pursuing a merger or buyout, decision-makers think hard about the economics. But whether the newly formed entity can thrive depends greatly on the cultural cohesion of the previously separate— maybe competitive— parts.


Don’t let toxic cultures get the best of you. Let Leadership Story Lab facilitate cultural cohesion exercises that get everyone pulling together towards the same goal. Connect with us to see how we can help.

Family Enterprise

A best kept secret that should be on a JumboTron!


When a large enterprise has been in the same family for generations, sometimes the outside world doesn’t even realize it’s a family business. But that’s not the way it should be! Study after study has shown that family-run enterprises lead innovation, treat employees better, invest more in their communities and inspire much more trust with their stakeholders. So make the most of being part of this inspiring trend!


Leadership Story Lab will help you tell your family and business stories so your company’s heritage gets the recognition it so very much deserves. Learn how we can help.


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