November 30, 2023 / Esther Choy

Leaders People Love by LinkedIn Top Voice in Corporate Culture Yeo Chuen Chuen is now available for preorder. Published by Penguin Random House SEA, Leaders People Love is a practical guide for leaders who desire to lead with authenticity and relevance in a post-pandemic world.

“This book is fantastic for leaders committed to lead at their best,” says Frank Koo, Head of Talent Solutions Asia at LinkedIn. “It offers practical strategies that overcome real-life challenges leaders face in a fast-changing world.”

Since the global pandemic and subsequent social, economic, and technological upheavals, people are reconsidering their priorities, values and role work plays in their lives. With new definitions for success and happiness, leaders, too, must renew their management practices. Leaders must not miss this opportunity to engage the workforce, by elevating meaning, purpose and happiness in the workplace.

The book stands out in its unique storytelling approach to illustrate pertinent leadership lessons. Award-winning leadership coach and Leadership Story Lab Certified Story Facilitator Yeo Chuen Chuen weaves a compelling narrative in Leaders People Love. These accessible and relatable stories challenge readers to examine their paradigms.

One thought-provoking story she told was about the strife she created as a mother, when she demanded her sons “follow her path” and train to become pianists. In the chapter “The Sad Boy Playing A Jolly Tune,” Yeo writes: “After many failed attempts and much scolding, he finally got the melody right. So I sat back, intending to savor the fruits of my labor with pride and enjoy the beautiful melody, but what I saw next stopped me in my tracks. Tears were rolling down his cheeks as his fingers played a happy and jolly tune on the piano. That jarring scene hit me so hard that it made me question the effectiveness of my methods and changed me as a mother and leader.”

This is one of many powerful stories Yeo tells in Leaders People Love to introduce valuable leadership lessons to her readers. For this chapter, the lesson is: Your way isn’t the only way —  there are many ways for people to achieve success. The same formula will not work for everyone.

Yeo credits Esther Choy, Leadership Story Lab and its Certified Story Facilitator program (CSF) with teaching her how to tell stories and elevating her professional impact.

“Ever since I learned storytelling in CSF, it has made me a better facilitator and leader in guiding corporate professionals in my workshops. I began to write with greater intention, illustrating pertinent leadership challenges and presenting the resolutions through impactful stories,” Yeo noted. “The Certified Story Facilitator curriculum and exercises have prepared me to succeed. As I wrote Leaders People Love, I utilized all the techniques that Esther taught.”

Leaders People Love is the book workplace leaders need today. The book is being released alongside a companion Global Survey, which reveals startling statistics like: “73.5% of the respondents said their happiness at work is ‘highly dependent’ on their manager’s leadership effectiveness,” indicating the instrumental role managers play in increasing workplace happiness.

“Leaders make or break employees’ experience at work,” said Yeo. “As a young person, I experienced the stark difference between being led by good leaders and not-so-good ones. The results, like personal growth, motivation and skills, are poles apart. Showing others how they can become great leaders became a personal mission for me.”

Yeo added: “After creating a five-part agile leadership framework validated through my global practice, Leaders People Love tells the stories and inner dialogues leaders have, with themselves, as they seek a better way to lead and make a difference. Each story is an opportunity for leaders to shed old rules of leadership and management and adopt ones that the future workforce demands.”

Leaders People Love is available globally on December 5, 2023.

About Yeo Chuen Chuen

Yeo Chuen Chuen is a leadership coach who has been honored with international accolades for her outstanding work with clients in nearly 40 countries. Named LinkedIn Top Voice in Company Culture (Singapore) in 2022, she has been recognized as an invaluable partner in offering accessible pathways to developing great leadership by shifting mindsets. She’s worked with Fortune 500 companies and the Singapore Government Service since 2013 helping people lead from a state of strength, authenticity and curiosity. She is also the author of award-winning 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility.

About Leadership Story Lab

Leadership Story Lab is a storytelling coaching, consulting and training company that uses classical storytelling techniques to serve modern leaders, giving leaders and teams the tools they need to implement a storytelling culture that improves internal and customer-facing communication, forms strong business partnerships, and brings a clear sense of purpose to their organizations. Since 2010, their Certified Story Facilitator Program has been helping coaches, consultants, professors, nonprofit managers, and other leaders become the trusted voice of authentic communication in their workplaces.

Esther Choy

Esther Choy founded Leadership Story Lab in 2010 to help others leverage the art of storytelling to create extraordinary opportunities.
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