Cheers! Giving A Toast That’s Meaningful

Giving a toast

You are all dressed up, along with everyone else. However, everyone else is enjoying a few cocktails outside on a beautiful summer day.  You, on the other hand, are nervous and stressed. Instead of relaxing and catching up with old friends, all you can think of is the dreaded microphone that you will have to…

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Use The Stories Of Sports To Share Your Character

My Stories of Sports: The “Wrigley Experience” Growing up, I never really got into baseball. I thought it was a long and slow game. My parents felt the same way. They preferred faster moving sports like tennis and watching the Chicago Bulls of the ‘90s. So, for a lifelong Chicagoan I guess it was pretty…

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5 Presentation Strategies For Long Presentations

My day usually starts with my multiple reminders to my daughter to get ready— a nice nudge that quickly escalates to a frantic “We are late! Get ready!” But today was special. My daughter quickly jumped out of bed and got ready in her new dress without even a single prompt. What had inspired this…

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