June 20, 2020 / Esther Choy

John Nelson, the CEO of Seed Beauty, stressed that a family in business together makes “a conscious decision to come together…[understanding that] the business that we’re in today is not necessarily going to be the same business in the future.” This is a distinction that goes beyond defining an organization as a “family owned business.” A family IN business has learned to join forces to confront an enterprise’s constant change. 

Family owned business

This idea sparked Esther’s new podcast, hosted through Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises. Each month, she will be sharing the stories of industry leaders who are defining what it means to weather transitions, economic upheavals, and industry changes as a family IN business. The lessons discussed in the podcast can help any business, whether family owned or not, learn how to remain true to their story, even while facing challenges. 

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Esther’s book, Let the Story Do the Work (published by HarperCollins Leadership), is now available!

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Esther Choy founded Leadership Story Lab in 2010 to help others leverage the art of storytelling to create extraordinary opportunities.
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