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Better Every Story

A resource distributed monthly on insights, best practices and examples of great storytelling. Join the thousands today!

Let the Story Do the Work

People forget facts- But they never forget a  good story! Esther Choy, Founder of Leadership Story Lab, shares the ins and outs of business storytelling in her new book, Let the Story Do the Work.

Guide for Story Clubs

What if you could spend time with people you like and hone your storytelling skills at the same time? Our Guide for Story Clubs gives you the framework you need to get a group together to practice this essential communication skill.

Make It Count

Don’t wait until the end-of-the-year scramble before you prepare for your performance review. Sign up and we’ll send you a series of monthly story prompts to help you collect your career achievements as they happen.

Crazy Good Questions

Embrace the small talk and uncover others’ stories. Our Crazy Good Questions will give you a playbook for enriching your conversations so that you walk away learning new things, hearing vivid stories, and building stronger relationships.


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