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Join us in celebrating our new class of Story Facilitators!


Certified Story Facilitators 2023

The Power of Story Facilitation

In a climate of conflict, polarization, and disconnection, leading effectively, authentically, and with connection is paramount. Leadership demands more than just industry expertise, it requires effective communication. We are excited to celebrate a diverse cohort of rising leaders– our 2023 class of Certified Story Facilitators!

Story Facilitators are leaders in authentic communication who create space for connection and purpose. Our Certified Story Facilitator program, or CSF, is a unique program designed to empower leaders with this often-overlooked skill of storytelling facilitation.

We see more and more buzz around business storytelling. Research highlights the pivotal role of storytelling in fostering connection and purpose. Harvard Business Review recently emphasized the role of stories in guiding organizations through transformation, saying, “When your organization needs to make a big change, stories will help you convey not only why it needs to transform but also what the future will look like in specific, vivid terms.”

While many leaders recognize the potency of well-crafted narratives, few grasp the transformative potential of story facilitation.

As Esther says, “the best way to get someone’s attention is by giving them yours. By encouraging others to share their stories, leaders not only gain a deeper understanding but also demonstrate a genuine desire to connect on a human level.”

Our CSF program is in its third year, and stands apart as a transformative six-week experience. Unlike the usual leadership courses, this program goes beyond theory. It encourages participants to engage and fully immerse themselves with their own narratives and those of their peers.

Eugene Toh, Director, Enterprise Singapore, Chief Commercial Officer, shares, “Being a certified story facilitator has brought meaning to my professional relationships, allowing me to support others in their personal journey and find new perspectives in life.”

“It’s really fun. This is the course where you have to get on the field and play, and Esther’s there on the field with you, coaching you the entire way,” reflects certified story facilitator Gina Fong, Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing at Kellogg School of Management. She recently won Outstanding Professor of the Year, making her the first woman of color to be awarded this prestigious honor.

Fong credits her success to her storytelling work with Esther, saying, “Esther, you and I, we share this award.”

A Progressive Model of  Certification

We offer three different levels of certification::

-Level 1: Master of Story Construction – Learn the anatomy of stories and structure story ideas into appropriate formats

-Level 2: Master of Story Discovery – Learn the art of idea exploration and cultivation

-Level 3: Master of Story Synthesis – Learn to fuse disparate narratives into one coherent whole

Certified Story Facilitators become workplace experts in corporate communication, making a meaningful impact on professional relationships.

Yeo Chuen Chuen, Managing Director, ACESENCE Agile Leadership and author of Leaders People Love, is a level 2 Certified Story Facilitator. She reveals that completing CSF has increased her impact, saying, “[e]ver since I learned storytelling in CSF, it has made me a better facilitator and leader in guiding corporate professionals in my workshops. The CSF curriculum and exercises have opened even more doors for me in elevating my professional impact and competency, and prepared me to succeed.”

Business storytelling has become a coveted persuasive skill for every leader. Learning the tenets of storytelling and story facilitation allows you to amplify the voices of others and be the person your network turns to for authentic and persuasive communication.

Learn more or register for our next CSF training.

Congratulations to the Graduates: A Diverse Cohort of Rising Leaders

This year, 12 exceptional leaders from diverse industries leveled up in the Story Facilitator ranks, furthering their leadership journey. Join us in congratulating:

Level 1:

-Carol Foley, Tax & Estate Planning Professional

-Elaine Gast Fawcett, Founder & Principal PhilanthroComm, Strategy and Communications for Foundations and Giving Families

-Bernhard Krieg, Independent Investor

-Michelle Dahlenburg, Lecturer, Texas State University and Independent Audio Producer

-Reggie Polk, Customer Outcomes Delivery Manager, ServiceNow

-Bryce McNabb, 3x Emmy-Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker

-Jackie Wei Green, Americas Head of Communications, Arup

Level 2:

-Yeo Chuen Chuen, Managing Director, ACESENCE Agile Leadership Coaching and Training

-Eugene Toh, Director, Enterprise Singapore, Chief Commercial Officer, Energy Market Authority

-Chris McAuley, Founder & Owner, MCAVOY Inc.

Level 3:

-Karma Auden, Financial Storyteller and Chief Financial Officer, University of Canberra


Learn how to implement storytelling in your business context and become the trusted person your network turns for authentic communication. Join our Certified Story Facilitator training!


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