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Part 2 in my series “5 Basic Plots for Leadership Storytelling.” Read part 1 here.


In late 2017, the New York Times reported that about one-third of all the food grown in the world gets sent to landfills. This represents a serious financial loss and an environmental mess. Industrialized countries throw out about $680 billion worth of food each year, and this trashed food releases the greenhouse gas methane while it rots. Food waste is clearly a huge “monster” to be overcome, and many organizations are working together to do just that.


Unilever is one such organization. When this consumer goods company learned that nearly 400 million pounds of pumpkins go to landfills after every Halloween, they saw a chance to fight one big battle against the “monster” of food waste. They partnered with the food charity Hubbub to educate consumers about how to use their Halloween pumpkins for food. They even raised awareness through a #PumpkinRescue hashtag.


Many organizations have stories of how they are helping to overcome other crises. Still others have powerful examples of how their founders, employees or clients have looked at a difficult personal situation in the eye and overcome it. These organizations have stories to share that will inspire and motivate their customers, investors or donors.


Get a template for this creating this story arc and an example of how it works.


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