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Your Business Storytelling Toolkit: Let the Story Do the Work

One sticky summer day not too long ago, I received a box in the mail from a sender I didn’t recognize. When I decided to open it, I discovered contents that made my heart beat faster. Copies of my business storytelling book, Let the Story Do the Work! My first book! I was overjoyed!

However, coming to the point where I could see the cover of my book with this rush of joy was definitely a process. When my editor first showed me what the cover was going to look like, my stomach dropped. It looked nothing like I had imagined. I wondered: Should I push back, or should I accept it? I decided to seek advice from my mentor, Don Norman, who also happens to be a world-renowned designer. He advised me to think from my audience’s perspective. A book’s cover isn’t about what the author likes; it’s about what will attract the right audience.

In other words, having my book published gave me yet another example of what Leadership Story Lab is all about: engaging audiences and seeing from their perspective. As I tell my clients, “the story about you is not about you. It’s about your audience.” Even the process of publishing my book was a chance to “eat my own cooking”!

Let the Story Do the Work provides tools, templates and examples that help leaders tell stories that will relate to audiences. It teaches leaders how to help their audiences digest complex information. It offers solutions for winning over a tough crowd. It will even help you survive a networking event with your authenticity intact.

Here’s what one reader found especially helpful about Let the Story Do the Work:

I’ve been delivering presentations for years but after reading this book, I felt a change in the way I built and prepared my story. The end result was a deck that features little text, heavy pictures and mostly speaker notes...and it was extremely effective. The audience was engaged, asked questions and was generally excited over the content. I would recommend this book to anyone that delivers presentations or further, talks to people - the lessons are applicable to anything! - Mike, via

I put everything I know into this book. Everything I learned from my coaching, training and consulting practice, so that no matter what challenges you’ll face tomorrow, next year, or the next decade, you will have the storytelling solution in your hands. Check it out, download a sample chapter, buy a copy, and let me know how it helps you!

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