Our storytelling coaching, training and consulting equip you to be a dynamic, authentic leader.

Tell the right story for any situation. We’ll give you the tools.

We blend classical storytelling elements with cutting edge social science insights to design our creative coaching, training, and consulting experiences to help you successfully communicate your message.


Whether you would like to stand out in the interview process, add punch to a presentation, make a compelling case for a new initiative, or teach your team the essentials of business storytelling at your next off-site, we can help. Schedule a complimentary session with us today!




Client Case Examples

Client: Brookfield


Topic: Attracting Clients with Story


Audience: Portfolio managers, senior marketing team and analysts
Goals: Brookfield Investment Management was trying to raise assets under management.

Result: They were able to revise one of their pitch books so that they now intrigue and delight their prospective investors, rather than dump data on them.  With the new narrative-based pitch book, one of Brookfield public securities groups was able to quadruple the amount of assets under management.

What benefits do you get when you work with us?

We have trained leaders to:

  • Convert data-heavy content into a story-centric presentation.

  • Guide decision-making without dominating it.

  • Feel more comfortable improvising and speaking spontaneously.

  • Discover innovative ideas.

We can create the right professional development program for you.

Timing is Everything

Need help planning for these situations? We have the right mix of learning and fun!


Much like leadership, persuasive storytelling is not a mysterious inborn gift. Rather, it is a highly trainable skill that affirms and enhances a leader’s influence.


In our highly interactive business storytelling training sessions, participants learn tangible skills that help them craft memorable stories. Whether they are launching a new fundraising campaign, preparing to explain complex concepts to a general audience, or simply want to cultivate more authentic business connections—we believe storytelling is their most valuable asset.

Contact us for a customized agenda for your team.


The Holy Grail of personal and professional growth.


When doing stellar work isn’t propelling you to the top of your career, it’s time to ask what’s at the heart of leadership. We believe persuasion is the key. We’ve seen leaders advance when they find their authentic voice and discover their own powerful persuasion style. They’ve gotten promoted, switched careers and told riveting stories about their companies. Leading and motivating their teams has become second nature.


They’ve climbed to the top— by telling better stories. And so can you.

Contact us to learn more about the impact we’ve made for our clients!



Our cardinal rule: first intrigue and delight the listener. Many presentations lose the audience’s attention because the speaker starts by data dumping. At Leadership Story Lab, we teach our clients to engage their audiences’ curiosity by developing captivating stories for their products, services or causes. We help them balance curiosity and conclusive facts. Once they discover their story, we guide them as they translate it into an enthralling presentation or campaign.


Talk with us about customized storytelling consulting.



Speakers speak; audiences. . . just listen?


When you’re trying to choose a keynote speaker for an important event, every last one of them promises to be “powerful.” But so often, the speaker speaks, the audience nods and smiles, and many of the attendees go home without changing anything in their lives. Not so with Esther. As someone who has studied cutting-edge neuroscience insights and honed the art of classical storytelling, Esther knows how to transform listening into taking action.


Contact us, and let’s explore a keynote topic that will create lasting impact for you.


All services are customizable and can be provided in person or virtually.


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