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Convey the Essence of Who You Are

“One of the hardest questions for me to answer,” says Cyrus Webb, host of Conversations LIVE on Blog Talk Radio, “is ‘what do you do?’”

He notes that the difficulty lies in telling just enough, but not too much. That balance is one that everyone who has ever attended a networking event has agonized over!

After reading Esther’s new book, Let the Story Do the Work, Cyrus wondered how to answer a similar question, “tell me about yourself,” in a way that is natural and yet invites conversation.

Esther recommends that when people ask us to “tell me about yourself,” we need to see through the question and into what they really want: a broad picture of who we are, plus one thing about our identity that’s deep enough to spark more conversation. And so, she challenges her clients to think about: “What is the essence of who you are and what you’ve done?”

If you’re looking for strategies for answering the “what do you do” or “tell me about yourself” questions—and many more strategies for using storytelling in business contexts— be sure to check out Cyrus and Esther’s conversation here!

Photo credit: Marco Bellucci via Flickr

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