September 28, 2017 / Esther Choy

Prepping for a presentation? Gearing up for important conversations? Here are 10 of our best tips to make your communications intrigue your audience.

  1. You don’t need your audience to know all information that you know. More important that they’re captivated and persuaded. (From “Is it every okay to data dump?”)
  2. The best stories are told with a sense of improvisation, but it takes practice to sound spontaneous (From “Solving Communication Problems“).
  3. When some asks you what you do, convey the essence of who you are. (From “Convey the Essence of Who You Are“)
  4. When choosing stories, ask, “What is the public narrative that I want everyone to know?” That doesn’t have to exclude everything personal. (From “Why Goals Aren’t Essential to Progress“)
  5. If asked to share a meaningful challenge, remember that it does not have to be a huge one. More important that it was difficult for you and that you grew through the experience in a way that demonstrated your underlying character. (From “Meaningful Challenge“)
  6. Use stories to establish credibility. They answer your audience’s questions of “Can we trust you?” and “Do we like you?” (From “How Stories Build Rapport“)
  7. Choose the right story for the right audience (From “How to Boost Credibility“)
  8. You can erase a bad story with a powerful ending or undo the whole story if people don’t like the ending. (From “Big Mistakes in Marketing“).
  9. You can give your audience a lot of info once they are thirsty for it. (From “Is it ever okay to data dump?“.)
  10. Stand out without being a weirdo (From “Solving Communication Problems“).

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Esther Choy founded Leadership Story Lab in 2010 to help others leverage the art of storytelling to create extraordinary opportunities.
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